Getting to Know Me First….

My name is Sarah Jennings and I have over 12 years of experience coordinating events on a National level. My previous position as an administrator and conference director included organizing, managing and coordinating conferences and events while traveling all across the country.

Working with a non-profit organization, it was important to be mindful of outgoing cash flow.  Staying on budget was critical while making sure excellence was still given in every detail from beginning to end.  This included details like researching conference centers, occasional site visits, working with vendors, hotel sales & event staff, reviewing & negotiating contracts & BEO's, timeline agendas, production of materials, to executing the ultimate vision of the conference from set up to breakdown.

Sarah Jennings

However, I am excited to scale back a bit, stay local to Central Virginia and apply my gifts, skills and experiences to the wedding industry here!  Having walked through my own elopement, my 10th wedding anniversary vow renewal and celebration,  as well as other family & friend's weddings including my daughter's, I have come to realize this is a great place to re-direct and apply my strengths and gifts.  

Planning a wedding is an emotionally high season for the Bride and it is important for her to be able to relax, relish, and remember this once in a life-time season. I know what it was like for me and others being the bride and being stressed and trying to do it all alone. It made for a very unenjoyable day, not to mention exhausted at the end of it all.  

I will need to get to know you and your preferences in order to pull off your big day the way YOU envision it! My desire is be an advocate for you, the Bride! I desire to bring your vision to life and speak on your behalf. I'll be the go-between for you and your family members including your bridal party while you kick back and enjoy YOUR special day with your groom.  


On a more personal note...


It's important that you connect with your wedding coordinator on some personal level.  You are probably on this about page to learn a bit more about me as a person.

I've been a native of Fredericksburg, VA for the last 20+ years.  Originally from Northern VA, I enjoy the quaint, historical district of downtown Fredericksburg.  I am a wife of 30+ years to an incredible man and a mother to a beautiful daughter, sweet son-in-love and two cuddly fur babies. 

Although my own family is comparatively small, I grew up in a very, big and loving family. (Think, my Big Fat Greek Wedding). I am the youngest of 8!  Coming from a big family, I discovered that learning to enjoy the moment and to laugh at myself and life's mishaps is a choice and a wonderful way to embrace life with whom I lived in close quarters with and with those I loved. 

I have been blessed to enjoy spending much time with my family over the years both one-on-one or at huge family gatherings. I have learned to organize and be creative with not only family events but many other types of celebrations over the years.  I inherited this natural gift from my wonderful momma who was detail-oriented, organized and knew how to have fun no matter the occasion & at 87, still does!

Growing up, she worked hard outside the home and managed all of us kids well and always with a smile and with the most joyful heart. She loved building relationships and I feel she has passed those values unto me and I thrive on the energy and bustle of large gatherings thanks to her always making it a fun experience. To say that I love my gift to create, organize and plan events is an UNDERSTATEMENT!   

I want to bring what my mom and I have brought to our families to yours. 

Contact me now and let the celebrations begin!!